2014 Victorian Championship report

Beaumaris Yacht Club was the venue for the 2014 Victorian State Championship where 26 Pacers and 5 Pacer Pursuits enjoyed a warm but varied range of wind conditions from the Saturday to the Monday of the March long weekend.

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2014 Victorian State Championships

Final State Championship results:

Pacer results

Pacer Pursuit results

Photos to come



National Championships 2013-14 - Results and Photos

Results from the 2013-14 National Championships are available in PDF format.

Photos are on the Christies Sailing Club website.


National Championships 2013-14 - Christies Sailing Club, South Australia


The notice of race and a flyer for this event are now available. See below for accommodation options.


2013 Victorian Championship report

The 2013 Victorian Championship was an extraordinary event for many reasons. Parkdale Yacht Club proved to be family friendly, extremely well organised and a class act. The weather was hot, the wind fickle and somehow Parkdale managed to conduct all 6 scheduled races which were fair to all competitors without a single protest or gripe. Given the forecast many of us were concerned that we would not even get 4 races in to make a series.

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Plywood Pacer Plans & Instructions

Home Builders Pacer Plans & Instructions

Detailed building plans and instructions for plywood Pacers are being produced now by Pacer Australia Inc in conjunction with a professional boat builder and are now for sale for the bargain price of $220. All enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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