History of the Pacer Class

The Pacer was originally commissioned by Puffin Paints and Glues in the UK. Noted international boat designer Jack Holt was asked to design a 'pretty yacht for use by families'.

The concept and design proved to be one of the most successful of Jack Holt's and soon spread internationally, being sailed in India, Holland, Canada, and of course Australia. It was brought to Australia in 1969 by Anchor Marine, Sandringham, Victoria. In 1970 we had our inaugral National Championships, competitors were from Victoria and New South Wales. John and Nancy Loutit became our first national champions.

Although Pacers were sold in other states, the mainstay has always been Victoria. Now through the efforts of a strong committee, and a new fibreglass hull, the Pacers have seen a resurgence in popularity, with fleets going to many sailing schools and clubs in other States, indeed the Epiglass Interstate Schools team racing challenge is conducted in Pacers.

The UK. association dropped the original name of Puffin Pacer in the early '70s. Australia followed suit in 1989 dropping the "pregnant duck" and adopting the Wedgetailed Shearwater (Pacific Puffin), as our new symbol.

We hope to see continued growth of the class, and some closer ties with other countries where Pacers are sailed.