CitySail 2021

Pacer Australia supports the 2021 CitySail Regatta.
11th-12th September, Albert Park Yacht Club, Vic

We're back! We have all been in lockdown way too long, so come get some 'air in your hair' with your sailing sisters. 
CitySail is a coaching and racing regatta for women and girls of all abilities.
We are looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces as well as new ones. The more the merrier.
Spread the word to your friends, fellow sailors and your Clubs.
We can't wait to see you all. 

Pacer Pursuit

The Pacer Pursuit is a high performance version of the traditional Pacer developed by long time Pacer Builder Jim French in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with 400mm extra on the mast, new larger fully battened mainsail, new larger jib, new larger asymmetric spinnaker and trapeze using the same Pacer hull. It is the intention for the Pacer Pursuit to be developed as a completely new and separate class alongside the traditional Pacer Class. This will allow the traditional Pacer to remain in its long established current format.

We asked Jim French to tell us about how he developed the Pacer Pursuit.

After sailing Pacers for many years, it became obvious to me that the class could do with a bit more sail to make sailing a bit more exciting. A lot of people were leaving Pacers because of this, and the class has taken on a training boat image in some areas. The pacer hull is a really good design, it is really stable and can easily take a lot more sail.

As the Pursuit was already a class in the 70`s (a not very successful  boat) I thought it was time to re-visit the concept and modernise it. The single luff kites of the skiffs are so much more modern than the old balloon spinnakers, much faster and much easier to handle. Mylar fully batterned main and jib were the way to go.

I first thought, to make the boat successful I should make it affordable, so I tried to do a rig using the same mast as the Pacer, gaining the extra area needed from a big roach on the main, and the biggest jib I could fit with the same sheeting position.  The mast needed spreaders and a different spin set up, but that was all. For the bowsprit I drilled a hole in the bow of the boat, and set up the retractable pole the same as the skiffs.

The boat worked brilliantly, especially off the wind, upwind it was just a little faster than a pacer. I sailed it for a few months, lending it to as many people as I could, their comments were noted , mostly the comment was that it should have a trapeze, so I added one.

I kept sailing the boat as often as I could and continued to lend it to as many that would try it. After the State Champs, I finally came to the conclusion through the feedback that it needed more sail to use the trapeze effectively and to be significantly faster than the pacer upwind.

A longer mast was the only option, so I made it 400mm longer, so people who didn`t want to buy a new mast could sleeve their old one. I ordered a new set of sails 400mm longer in the luffs and the kite longer in the foot as well to give it a bit more go off the wind.

The result is that the boat now is much faster than the Pacer upwind and amazingly quick downwind. It is really stable, especially off the wind, and is easy to sail, but not too much of a handful in a breeze.

National Championships 21/22

Black Rock Yacht Club, Victoria

28th Dec 2021 - 2nd Jan 2022


 BRYC Flyer updated


Victorian Championships 2021 - Somers Yacht Club

We had a fantastic fleet at the 2021 Pacer state titles. Results are here:


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Pacer Victoria, Notice of AGM at Somers Yacht Club, 6th March, 2021 at 6pm.

> Somers YC will be open for boat drop off for the Pacer State Titles on Friday 5th March between 5pm - 6:30pm <




Pacer update - 2020/21


The Pacer Association supports the FOAK regatta at Chelsea Yacht Club on Saturday 6th Feb, 2021.

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The next Pacer Victorian State Championships will be hosted by Somers Yacht Club, March 6-8, 2021

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Victorian Championships 2020 - St Leonards Yacht Club

The 2020 Victorian Championship will be held at St Leonards Yacht Cub over the labour day long weekend - March 7-9.

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Pacer Nationals 2019/20 - Mordialloc YC

Results are posted HERE

We are excited to announce that the 2019-20 Pacer National Championships will be held at Mordialloc Yacht Club on Port Phillip Bay, from 28th December, 2019 to 3rd January, 2020. We’re hoping to attract a large contingent of local and interstate sailors to this event. So, if you’re not from Melbourne, now is the time to book some accommodation for the New Years period. It's a vibrant time to be in Melbourne, with plenty of events happening  in the city, on the Mornington Peninsula, and in the Yarra Valley. .

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The Legacy

The mighty Puffin Pacer was first introduced to Australia in the late 1960’s. Designed by Jack Holt in the UK many boats were made in Australia from timber kits utilising the stitch and glue process. The UK Pacer Association allocated numbers in the 600’s to 800’s range for boats in Australia. In the early 70’s Anchor Marine provided the first fibreglass boats. These came with wooden gunwales, mast gates and thwarts. Smackwater began making fibreglass boats in the 80’s down at Carrum. They were good boats but where structurally a little weak and maybe not as stiff as was needed as they were made with a lot of chopped matt fibreglass. Many timber boats are still with us today, boats made by Graham Downey and Alex Magner are still in use and sailing well.

Pacer Nationals 2018/19 - Paynesville

Latest results can be found here:

Congratulations to the Australian champions Ross Martin and Natasha Martin, winners on a countback.

Junior champions are Lauren Kemp and Eliza Kemp.

Winners of the non-spinnaker division are Ethen Perry and Archer Manuell.

Junior / Senior champions are Jessica Viza and Anne Vize.

Masters champion is Paul Taig with Emma Taig.